We offer a range of no charge services to help you achieve a successful ESD Control Program. Not sure what you need? We can explain what services are right for you, get in touch below. If you aren’t accepting visitors, that’s no problem! Each of these services can be offered virtually, even using the same equipment.

ESD Survey

Consider an ESD Survey to prepare for an upcoming audit (ISO, customer, etc), appeal to new customers that require an ESD Control Plan, or move towards IEC 61340-5-1 compliance.

ESD Training

A training plan is require in IEC 61340-5-1:2016, so why not let Desco Europe help. Our training includes live demonstrations, the basics on ESD and its harmful effects on electronics, the cost of ESD damage and how to control ESD.

EOS/ESD Assessment

The EOS/ESD Assessments identify where ESD Events are occurring and verifies that your ESD programme is working.

Product Tutorials

How to properly use auditing equipment such as Surface Resistance Meter, Field Meter and Ionisation Test Equipment.

ESD Assessments

Generally one area or topic is assessed, measured and advised on.

Product Demos

From Continuous Monitoring to Data Acquisition to Static Control Garments. Name it, we will demo it!

“Sensornet has been highly impressed with Desco Europe’s ESD survey report service. They have been conducted with an exception level of professionalism and efficiency. The surveys have enabled Sensornet to focus its ESD implementation program to yield immediate and cost effective benefits. It has also had the added benefit of lifting the ESD awareness thought out the company and feedback from our customers has been superb. I highly recommend Desco Europe’s ESD survey report service to any company wishing to review / improve its ESD process & awareness.” 


“The survey that took place by Desco Europe was very thorough and informative, the surveyor was friendly and approachable. The report was well presented and easy to read, it gave an itemised detail for each area of our business with scalable solutions, depending on budget. Overall we were very pleased with the survey and report.” 

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