Well before we get stuck in, please let me welcome you to the first post from the new Desco Europe Blog, welcome and thanks for joining! Let me tell you a little about ourselves…

The Desco Europe brand was established only in May 2017 but don’t let that fool you, previously we traded under both Charleswater and Vermason, which was founded back in 1979, so we have been in the ESD Control business for quite some time. We are also a division of Desco Industries Inc. which includes well-known brands such as SCS, Desco, Menda, Protektive Pak and Statguard Flooring.

Now I’ve told you a little about us, tell me about yourself, what brings you to our blog today? Make sure to comment, particularly if you like our content, have questions, or a suggestion for something we can cover in a future blog.

The aim of our new blog is to provide:

  • ESD Essential Information
  • Question and Answers
  • Tips
  • Guidance to the standard
  • And more…

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