Requirements for an ESD Work Surface

The purpose of an ESD protective working surface is to aid in the prevention of damage to ESD Sensitive Devices (ESDS) and assemblies from electrostatic discharge. An ESD protective working surface provides protection in the following two ways:

  1. Providing a low charging working surface area that will limit static electricity to be generated below potentially damaging levels.
  2. Removing the electrostatic charge from conductive objects placed on the working surface.

As such, ESD Work Surfaces are a vital part of all ESD Control Plans. Any surface that an “exposed” ESDS is placed upon can be considered an ESD Work Surface. Yet, with a variety of different materials available for differing applications, how do you choose the right surface for your application?

Watch back our On-Demand Webinar as we dig deeper into this subject:

0:00​ Intro and Overview

01:20​ What is an ESD Work Surface

02:19​ What does IEC 61340-5-1 say?

04:10​ Work Surface Grounding

05:53​ What does an ESD Work Surface do?

06:14​ Additional Benefits of ESD Matting

06:58​ Question Time

  • 07:26​ Are there different textured mats available?
  • 08:12​ Why should the top surface of the working surface be dissipative rather than highly conductive?
  • 09:27​ Can you provide samples of the matting?

10:18​ Types of ESD Work Surface and their Applications

20:09​ Qualification and Compliance Verification

21:08​ What does IEC 61340-2-3 say?

22:53​ Testing ESD Work Surfaces

25:53Continuous Workstation Monitors

27:44​ ESD Work Surface Maintenance/Cleaning

30:20​ Question Time

  • 31:47​ Do we have a solution for heavier assemblies?
  • 32:36​ Why would you choose and ESD mat over a bench with an installed ESD laminate?
  • 35:05​ Technical difference between and 3-layer and 2-layer mat, and why would you choose one over the other?
  • 37:51​ I was under the impression that only inside of ESD bag protects devices. The external side is a plastic which is an insulator and we should avoid having devices near insulators?
  • 40:42​ Should I clean my ESD Work Surface before I test it?

43:02​ Contact Details

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