A complete static control programme must deal with:

  • isolated conductors
  • insulative materials that cannot be grounded.

When each of these are process essential, and cannot be replaced with an ESD safe alternatives, we must use Ionisation to protect from ESD damage.

That might sound simple, but it can be difficult to determine when Ionisers should be used. Even once that has been determined, with the variety of models and technologies on the market, which type of ioniser should you chose?

Watch back our On-Demand Webinar as we dig deeper into this subject:

0:00​ Intro and Overview

03:58​ Understanding Ionisation

06:04​ Types of Ionisation

  • 06:31​ Types of Ionisation – AC
  • 08:47​ Types of Ionisation – Steady State DC
  • 11:23​ Types of Ionisation – Pulse DC

12:49​ Question Time

  • 13:22​ Can Ionisation be used instead of grounding the work surface and the operator?
  • 14:47​ What is the difference between Offset Voltage and Balance?
  • 15:50​ I have a plastic jig on my ESD workbench, which Ioniser would be best suited for my needs, AC, DC or Pulse DC?

18:05​ Product and Applications

28:00​ Question Time

  • 29:03​ How do I go about working out where in our facility we need ionisers?
  • 32:48​ I use an air gun ioniser all day and I find it aches my hand, do you have an alternative solution?
  • 34:32​ How often should you test ionisers?

36:38​ Industry Requirements for Ionisation per IEC 61340-5-1

  • Process necessary insulators and Isolated Conductors
  • 37:41​ Decay time and Offset voltage requirements
  • 39:30​ Test Equipment – Charge Plate Analyser, Ionisation Test Kit and Monitoring
  • 42:30: How to determine and measure whether you require ionisation per IEC 61340-5-1 section – Insulators and Isolated Conductors

47:00​ Question Time

  • Can you continuously monitor ionisers?
  • How do you know if ionisers are working?
  • Do you have an ioniser that the employee can’t turn off?
  • 48:34​ Which is the best type of ioniser to use in my SMT line?
  • 49:42​ Who is the local dealer/distributor in our area?
  • 49:54​ Do you have an ioniser that can be activated by a relay?

51:48​ Contact Details and Resources

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