4 Common Wrist Strap Mistakes and one way to avoid them!

The Mistakes

Are you regularly getting complaints from your operators that wrist straps are awkward or uncomfortable? Do you come across them not being worn properly? Below you can find just 4 of many mistakes that are made with wrist straps on a regular basis, but do not fear, there is a solution!

Wrist Strap note Worn

Not Worn

Operators feel restricted by their wrist strap, do not understand the necessity and stop wearing it, even if only for a short period.

Disconected Wrist Strap


Operators leave their workstation and forget to re-connect their wrist strap on their return.

Incorrectly Fitted Wrist Strap

Incorrectly Fitted

For various reasons the wrist strap might not be fitted correctly, whether it be for comfort or accidently, either way it leaves the wrist strap potentially not functioning as it should.

Damaged or Warn Wrist Strap


Operators used old or damaged wrist straps that might pass at the tester but could be intermittently failing whilst being worn. Perhaps the coiled cords have been patched up or the wristband is looking old and worn.

The Solution?

Offer hands-free grounding with Statshield® ESD Smocks!

Hip-To-Cuff Grounding of Statshield® ESD Smocks

Statshield® ESD Smocks have a Hip-to-Cuff Grounding feature that allows for hands-free grounding by connecting a coiled cord to the snap on the side of the smock. This is directly connected to the conductive kitted cuff that acts as a wristband. Leaving the operators hands completely free.

Benefits and features of Statshield® ESD Smocks

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Statshield® smocks include a Hip-to-Cuff Grounding feature, allowing the operator hands-free grounding with no cord attached to the operator’s wrist. The Hip-to-Cuff Grounding feature is made with a seam of carbon-suffused threads that provide a direct electrical connection from the snap stud on the hip to conductive elastic cuffs. This allows the smocks to be used with most single-wire constant monitoring systems or periodic personal grounding device testers.

Wearing Static Control Garments in general offers many benefits to controlling Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and more. To learn more about the role of ESD Lab Coats and Smocks in the ESD Protect Area (EPA) visit this blog post.

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