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The Different ESD Events and their Models – HBM, CDM and MM

Introduction As previously explained, an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is a rapid, spontaneous transfer of an electrostatic charge, and occurs when two objects at different electrostatic potentials approach one another. The ESD Association characterises this Electrostatic Discharge that causes ESD damage into three event types. ESD Models can then… Continue Reading “The Different ESD Events and their Models – HBM, CDM and MM”

Best Storage Conditions for PCBs

4 Steps to a Completely Dry ESD Packaging System

Most people are aware of the dangers ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) can pose on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). A standard bare PCB (meaning that it has no semiconductor components installed) should not be susceptible to ESD damage. However, as soon as you pack it… Continue Reading “Best Storage Conditions for PCBs”

ESD Basics – Bitesize: Part 1

In this series of 8 Bitesize ESD Basics Training videos, Vaughan Callan demonstrates and explains the basic concepts of electrostatic discharge (ESD) and how in the hi-tech manufacturing environment we can overcome the harmful effects of ESD and learn to control it. Today, we… Continue Reading “ESD Basics – Bitesize: Part 1”

4 Common Wrist Strap Mistakes and one way to avoid them!

The Mistakes Are you regularly getting complaints from your operators that wrist straps are awkward or uncomfortable? Do you come across them not being worn properly? Below you can find just 4 of many mistakes that are made with wrist straps on a regular… Continue Reading “4 Common Wrist Strap Mistakes and one way to avoid them!”

Are you handling ESD sensitive devices? 3 symbols you need to know!

You will probably have come across these ESD Symbols before, but do you know what each of them are for? No? Read on! 1. ESD Susceptibility Symbol The ESD Susceptibility Symbol is the most well-known symbol, it consists of a yellow background with a… Continue Reading “Are you handling ESD sensitive devices? 3 symbols you need to know!”

ESD Foot Grounders Vs ESD Shoes

We get a lot of customers asking us if they should use ESD foot grounders or ESD shoes in their EPA. And our answer is always the same: it depends! There really is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing but there… Continue Reading “ESD Foot Grounders Vs ESD Shoes”

Ionisation – The Big Three

Have you ever wondered if your electronics manufacturing or handling process requires the use of Ionisation? Or perhaps you have considered how to handle insulators within your EPA. In this post, we reveal: 3 Reasons for Ionisation 3 Types of Ionisers 3 Functions of… Continue Reading “Ionisation – The Big Three”

The Grey Zone

Wrist Strap Testing In a previous blog post we discovered that ESD is the hidden enemy, unfortunately the ESD event itself is not the only invisible element we have to consider. Not only can we not see or feel electrostatic discharges, or see with… Continue Reading “The Grey Zone”