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Best Storage Conditions for PCBs

4 Steps to a Completely Dry ESD Packaging System

Most people are aware of the dangers ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) can pose on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). A standard bare PCB (meaning that it has no semiconductor components installed) should not be susceptible to ESD damage. However, as soon as you pack it… Continue Reading “Best Storage Conditions for PCBs”

Are you handling ESD sensitive devices? 3 symbols you need to know!

You will probably have come across these ESD Symbols before, but do you know what each of them are for? No? Read on! 1. ESD Susceptibility Symbol The ESD Susceptibility Symbol is the most well-known symbol, it consists of a yellow background with a… Continue Reading “Are you handling ESD sensitive devices? 3 symbols you need to know!”

Storage and Transport of ESD Sensitive Items

We thought today we could focus on ESD during storage and transport. If you have read our recent post on Tips to Fight ESD, you will remember how important it is to protect your ESD sensitive items when leaving an EPA. Yet too often we… Continue Reading “Storage and Transport of ESD Sensitive Items”